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If you haven't figured it out already I have multiple passions beaming from me like the rays of the sun! I don't put myself under one identity because I believe we are all made up of multiple identities that make us our unique selves. Each part of my always forming self intertwines with another and I think it is important for you to get to know them all.

I hope I can even get to know you through capturing the most important day of your life or guiding through your photography journey to a thriving business because I AM HERE FOR IT ALL!

PHOTOGRAPHER, coach & mother of 5

boss mama

dana shular

I am a mother of 5 crazy munchkins with a hottie husband by my side. I never knew I would love motherhood so much! It is one of the most fulfilling opportunities in my life. I am thankful I can be a present mother, while also rockin' my other passions. 

I am a California based photographer who loves to adventure all across NorCal to capture some dang beautiful love! Working with my couples to create a day that represents them, lights my heart on fire. Cannot believe I get to be a part of something so special in my clients life!

Along my photography journey I have come to really enjoy helping other fellow photographers find what lights their heart on fire. It is so dang rewarding to see them take those steps towards their dream and that I have the honor to be a part of that as their guide and mentor. 



With all the things that I do, I say, and I am...I am nothing without God. Only by him am I able to have the light that fills my life and shine on others. He is my strength and my greatest light. 







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