Alicia & David | Lovebird at Folsom Lake |

Alicia & David | Lovebird at Folsom Lake

Alicia & David | Lovebird at Folsom Lake

Jun 11, 2018

Alicia & David are good friends of my husband and I and are truly a model couple and I about died from the overbearing sexiness radiating from these photos. Talk about golden eye candy with these two. 

So, we went on a little adventure to a spot neither of us have been to before. I knew it was supposed to be beautiful, but there were no real directions to where it was. We drove till we could no longer drive and might have parked where we were not supposed to, but our ‘hike’ to our destination began. We walked a beautiful walk till we saw the beach of Folsom Lake. There were many entrances and I was hoping one of them was ‘the place.’

We stopped at a few beach entrances as we walked the path. The first entrance had beautiful dirt, yes I loved the color of the dirt that burnt orange red was just perfect! We cranked up the music and got our groove on. Our second beach entrance we found a tipeee. Like a legit awesome tipeee with a bench inside! We created #tipeeecuddling. Its a thing. Our third entrance the sun was set and there was a stunning orange and purplish sky to get the last cuddles and kisses in for the night. We did not find ‘the place,’ but we found many other awesome spots, so next adventure I hope we find it.

Love Bird

  1. Alicia Tangataevaha says:

    We are so in love with these photos! It was such a fun experience and we enjoyed every second of our “Love Bird Session”. You let us be our weird and mushy-gushy selves and we didn’t feel awkward at all about it! Love you, and thank you for these memories!!!

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