Ashley & Drew Red Rock Beach Elopement |

Ashley & Drew Red Rock Beach Elopement

Ashley & Drew Red Rock Beach Elopement

Jul 3, 2020

What an unforgettable an unexpected adventure this elopement day was in San Fransisco! So, here was the plan! They were going to have their pre-wedding at a beach house near Dillons beach then they were going to have the ceremony at Muir Woods and then head to Red Rock Beach for some awesome bridals. This is not exactly what happened. Something I like to remind my clients is that no matter how perfect you plan your day something will always come up or something will change and we just have to be OK with that and remember why we are here on this day and what we are celebrating. This story is a great example of this.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding. It was a relaxing morning to get ready for such an important day. Everyone started packing up to head to Muir Woods. We get there and realize there was a miscommunication. That day was Veterans Day and it was free admission day, but we miscommunicated that there is free parking and if you know Muir Woods has reservations for parking now and there was no reservations open. On top of that there was no cell signal and so for the next 20 to 30 minutes we were looking for each other and trying to communicate with each other because we were in a few different cars. Luckily, we had our second location and we just headed right over to Red Rock Beach where they were originally going to do their bridals. Thankfully, it was only 10 minutes away. Then we had a little trouble finding the location because it was right off of highway 1 on a little turn off and no big sign to point the way, but we found it.

So, here we are nothing is really going as planned, Ashley, my sweet bride is freaking out a little bit. I mean anyone would. She was a rockstar holding it all together as we tried to go to plan B! We all know how frustrating it is when we envision what’s ideal and it doesn’t turn out that way. Its dang frustrating! I knew as a photographer it would all work out and no matter what, they were going to get married that day!! I reassured Ashley and her family was so positive and even though they all had heels and dresses on they hiked down that Rocky quarter mile to the ceremony site, without any negativity or complaining. They were amazing!!

As we all got closer to the ceremony site everyone was an on how beautiful it was and everyone knew it was worth it and it was the right place to be for this wedding ceremony. Ashley and I later both agree that it was just meant to work out that way because it was just perfect for her day and she felt that and everyone else did to!

It was not exactly what she envisioned, but it was what was meant to happen and it was perfect in that way!

With her eight family and friends a beautiful ceremony commenced! Ashley and her dad come down the last of the path as the closest people in her life and her soon to be husband watch her walk towards them in awe of how stunning she was…(and she still is dang stunning!). Ashley and Drew come together hand in hand with laughter and pure joy. Ashley’s good friend conducted the ceremony. It was just serene with the crashing waves and the fresh ocean wind. The ceremony ended with a big ol’ kiss and now it was time to CELEBRATE!

The DJ started the jams (bluetooth speaker) and mother son, father daughter, and the newly weds had their dances. So much love was in the air!!

Family headed out to Sausalitos and we continued down to the beach to do some EPIC bridals!! This is a secluded beach, so it is also a great nude beach. A nude guy may have humped a rock as we stared the bridals…haha. This beach and this couple was the most UNREAL mix! The sun was setting, we found a cave and Ashley’s dress flowed perfectly in the wind! JUST STUNNING!!! I cannot stop raving about how gorgeous these bridals were! I mean scroll down and you will see for yourself the amazingness.

Bridals were done! My sweet couple invited me to their celebratory dinner at Scoma’s of Sausalito for Dinner. I am just going to brag about how extremely sweet and kind their family was! So grateful for all of them!!

So, there you have it! A totally crazy, fun, and meant to be day!! It was even more beautiful than what was planned! Love days like this and positively getting through the unexpected. Thank you for letting me adventure with you and your wonderful family you two!! 


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