Ashley & Samuel Elopement in San Francisco |

Ashley & Samuel Elopement in San Francisco

Ashley & Samuel Elopement in San Francisco

May 28, 2020

Can a wedding day just be so perfect in just a few hours!?? YESSS!!! Elopements will never get old for me. The first time we connected over the phone Sam and Ashley were so high energy and I could totally tell they were in love. As we were talking about their day I asked them why they want to elope to Thorton beach in San Francisco because they were not living there. They told me of family that lives there and the memories they had and still have there with their family. They wanted to their special day in a place close to their heart. I thought how dang special! They made their day focused on what was true to them as a couple. I LOVE IT!

The ceremony was so simple with a few family members surrounding Sam and Ashley in love and support. By the way on the edge of a bluff looking over the coast. I worked hard to not get teary eyed during the moment of Ashley and her teary eyed Dad walking down the succulent surrounded path to take his daughter to her soon to be husband. Oh and the emotions just started as a family member gave a heart warming speech, the bride and groom saying their vows, and the hype of the kiss sealing the deal! ALL THE FEELS!

After the most beautiful ceremony we took some family photos then headed to Sutro Baths for some EPIC and mean EPIC bridals. It was windy as heck and a little chili, but oh my was it STUNNING! The golden light from the sunset on their skin and the cotton candy clouds it created. IT WAS A BLAST! 

I cannot thank Sam and Ashley enough for the honor of capturing their significant day full of love. THANK YOU!


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