12-month group coaching experience to help you create a sustainable photography business - feel confident in your work, and follow a clear plan to success! 





"I need more bookings!" You feel you need an ample amount of bookings to keep your business a float and you are struggling with a consistent income. You don't know how much longer you can keep up! But, a voice in your head keeps saying "You got this! Don't give up!"

Your current career path is sucking you dry of all your good energy, but don't know how to transition without a financial loss. "There is just too much risk!"

You cringe when you think about raising your prices and lack the confidence saying them out loud. You're scared to raise your prices. "What if my booking rate plumpets?"

You're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work necessary to grow a photography business, and you're feeling spread too thin across countless unfinished tasks. "When will this ever get easier?"

You're on a journey to find your identity and lean into your passions, but you fear failure and the unknown that comes with it. "Am I worthy of my dreams if I fail?"

you are ready to work it!'s not as easy as it seems

what if instead you...

Have the tools and habits to create a marketing system that works for you and your business to be able to magnetize your ideal client. 

Transition to photography with clarity on your financial future and be on a heart led career path where you find joy, reward, and fulfillment along with way. 

Capture photos that light your heart on fire, and work with dream clients who truly value you and your craft all while charging premium prices. Not booking to burnout!

Start your work day with clarity on your tasks and know where to keep your focus in your business to take efficient steps to success.  Have more confidence in your months and years moving forward!

See risk taking and failure and part of the journey to your success. You have the mindset tools to push yourself to reach your dreams confidently and with less doubt.



Overall, you have a concrete business model you know will be profitable and sustainable as you scale.

you will need personalized guidance and specific strategies to get you and keep you on the right path to success.

you can do this!

drumroll please...

efficiently & proactivley

12-month group coaching experience to help you create a sustainable photography business - feel confident in your work, and follow a clear plan to success! 





Charging a premium price, seeing your work displayed proudly as your clients' profile pictures, raking in 5 star reviews and being financially free!

Consider what it'll feel like once you’ve booked your ideal client at a premium price -- finally feeling confident enough to create unforgettable work and provide your clients with an experience that will blow them out of the water.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your clients flaunt the photos you provided them rave about you all over social media? And in turn, getting more client referrals than ever! 

Picture countless paragraph-long 5 star reviews overflowing your inbox -- each of them validating your priceless value and the experience you create.

You can financially support yourself without worrying about how to pay next month’s bills. Why? Because you’re WERKIN’ your photography business like the best of them.


My client's experience making their dream a reality

don't take my word for it!

"I was feeling very discouraged and overwhelmed in my business! I had very little clients and would go months without getting clients! I was struggling to put my business first and didn't have support I needed to achieve what I wanted to achieve. I decided to join because I needed to do something to put my business first and so I could learn ways to succeed and grow my business to where I want it at! I have doubled almost tripled the amount of sessions I did in the first year in the last 3 months!

This course has helped me realize what I was truly passionate about! that I have found my why I have realized that I want to do Boudoir and couple sessions as my main focus! It has helped me to figure out ways that I can be a great mom and wife and still run a successful business! I have had so many amazing clients since realizing my value and finding the confidence in my work!"

nearly tripled her bookings in the first 3 months



"...this program has changed my life in a lot of ways...I didn't have a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities...I was going around and around in circles and Dana lays it out so clearly and makes it DOABLE."

went from doing full time schooling, just starting her business, booking very little out her first mini session promotion at a total of $1,000+!


"I  will never be as good as other photographers I aspire to be."

"No one will hire me if I start offering my services at a premium price."

"What if I do all the work and I still can’t attract my ideal client?"

"I won't be able to make a successful transition from my career path."

"I need to wait finish school first to pursue my passion."

Once you start digging into your photography business with intention, there can (and will) be a lot of questions and confusion.

 If you don’t have a thorough plan to follow, it can be easy to make critical mistakes and get off-track. 

This sounds great...but doubts and fears are sinking in 

This is why I created a program for photographers like you who want to...

Jumpstart their business

Have a thorough plan to follow

Transition from their current career path

Do more in less time

Create a sustainable and profitable business

Have financial freedom

I gotchu!

...and do it all knowing you have business tools, support, and systems that has your back!

12-month group coaching experience to help you create a sustainable photography business - feel confident in your work, and follow a clear plan to success! 




I am currently taking applications for photographers who are ready to do the work to build a profitable and sustainable business with someone to guide your way.

If you are ready to stop guessing your way through your business the next 3+ years...I GOTCHU! Submit an application. Lets get started!


When I decided to start seriously growing my photography business, I jumped in head first!

When I say head first, I mean it. I’m talking 30 weeks pregnant with my third child, and doing 10+ portfolio build shoots between San Francisco, Tahoe, and Yosemite in a matter of months. 

Then, had a baby, had an extremely successful first full year of business, and had a blast the whole time. Now, I’m managing a sustainable and profitable business that I’m beyond proud to call my own.

I am determined to help others experience this same success no matter what season they are in life.

My story in a nutshell...

it's dana!

It's time to

jump in!

In depth trainings to guide you on your custom path to success wherever you are at on your journey.  Start and implement right away!

12 Month access to trainings, templates, weekly coaching, AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT




You’ll be able to submit your work each week for me to critique and give you specific feedback from editing, camera settings, website, emails, workflows, pricing and so much more! I'm talking straight up honest and valuable feedback!

honest Critique of your work

Exclusive group coaching session where we will go in depth on strategy and questions you have about your business. This is a great place for custom guidance,  support and high positive energy to give you a weekly boost. 


Ask questions, share your struggles, and share your wins! Surround yourself with a group of go-getter photographers just like you who will cheer for you and hype you up along your journey.

Full curriculum & tRAININGS

Detailed templates, checklists, and done for you documents. From emails to questionnaires, to processes, to the branding design aspect of your biz!

templates & checklists

what you will accomplish in the program

You will set the foundation for your business through legitimizing, pricing, and marketing in the beginning stages.  You will master your craft, gain invaluable experience, make community connections, create marketing assets and more through a momentous portfolio build. This stage will provide great clarity for your finances, niche and target client, and overall potential of you and your business.



You will take all the learning and data you learned from the first foundational phase and by implementing into large assets in your business. You will now be able to create a rockin' client experience management and automation system. A SEO and target market rich copy filled website that will magnetize your dream client. A clearer strategy on multi-platform content creation. And a strategic financial plan for the future of your business. 



You will have worked very hard to create a concrete foundation for a sustainable and profitable business, but the work is not over just yet (it really never is). You will now take a deep dive into these assets and pinpoint where you need to improve, so you can optimize it to the max. Doing this work will allow an even more solid foundation, extreme clarity of your potential, and opportunities to start outsourcing to scale even bigger. 




now they'Re here!

started from the bottom

"Before ATAP I was feeling excited about my business but completely lost as how to reach my goals and how to run my business, I was so excited when I found Dana. I was literally over the moon. I had just quit my job to pursue photography full time and I knew I couldn’t do it without guidance. Dana has been such an amazing help because she is so knowledgeable and she knows how to run a business and create such a great experience for her clients and she’s so good at relaying all that information to us. I feel like every time I feel stressed about my business I hop on our weekly call and I immediately feel calmer and feel like it’s not so overwhelming. I think before starting the program I had a lot of imposter syndrome and Dana has helped me move past that through the course and show me what my services are worth."

Abbey went from booking $150 sessions to booking a $700, $950, and another $950 session in just a few months.



"My favorite win is booking 12 Christmas mini sessions in one day! Well a couple of hours but honestly I couldn’t have done that without Dana pushing me to do so she gives me the confidence I dont give myself. I notice little changes with in myself little by little I’m putting myself out there more, being  confident to reach out to other photogs as well. I have a long way to go but I’m definitely loving this positive Change." 

DO IT! Now is the time to invest in yourself and your business. Whether you are just starting or have years of experience. Just being apart of such a supportive group of women who are traveling through a similar journey is so great because you can relate to them and learn together and from each other. We might night all be at the same level but trust that this group will bring out the BEST IN YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS!!"

She just started up her instagram before entering the program and within the first month booked 12 Christmas mini's within hours! 1.5 month later she book her boudoir sessions in less than 24 hours. 


client interviews

Let’s be clear...YOU WILL NEVER “BE READY.” No one is ever “READY” when they’re taking a big-dang-leap to change for the better. There is a reason for leaping! When you’re feeling hesitant to make a change, the best way to start is by jumping head first into things.

Starting now will allow you to:


If you wait, you’ll be in a very similar place you are in now. In 3, 6, 12 months, you’ll wish you had started today!

two choices...

Get that much closer to creating a sustainable and profitable photography business

Make lasting connections with your clients where you can’t get them to stop raving about you.

Consistently book your ideal clients at a premium price. 
Amplify your income


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