Candace & Chase | Yosemite Elopement |

Candace & Chase | Yosemite Elopement

Candace & Chase | Yosemite Elopement

Jun 9, 2020

OH YOSEMITE! This was my first ever elopement done in Yosemite and I could not ask for a better couple to do it with! Candace and Chase met on Tinder at the cutest coffee shop in Downtown Sacramento, California. For their engagements we went to a redwood grove and that little coffee shop where they met. Some of the cutest engagement pictures ever! They were origionally going to have their wedding in Armstrong Redwoods with about 80 people, but decided in the middle of all of the planning to scratch it and elope to Yosemite where they wanted to go originally. This was a crazy move, but their hearts were in Yosemite. Yes!! I was down for that! 

I live about 4 hours from Yosemite and never go alone. I always try to bring someone along with me. Right before this another photographer reached out to me to see if they could tag along to any shoots. I was like yes! She came to a bridal shoot in Sacramento and then I thought she would be a perfect road trip buddy to Yosemite. So my sweet friend Cayla, who was only 17 at the time (and who barley knew me), and I had the most epic road trip! We Airbnb’d at a little shack cabin outside of Yosemite the night before and woke up before the crack of dawn to head to the ceremony. It was a brisk, but beautiful and peaceful morning. 

The bride walked down the aisle with both parents in hand and tears rolling down their face. I had to hold back tears it was soul stirring! Then the ceremony commenced in front of full flowing falls. After the ceremony we headed to a little tree grove and they had their first dance. I mean scroll down and you will see the cuteness! I loved that it was just the two of them together and Dermot Kennedy playing on their speaker (brides fav). AHHHHHH just amazing! Then we headed up to Glacier Point to finish the bridals off with a bang! 

I am so thankful for these two! I love seeing them on my IG showing off how much they love each other. They inspire me with their super cute love!! ALL THE GOOD VIBES AND BEST WISHES TO YOU TWO!!!


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