Kristin & Rex Point Reyes Bridals at Sunrise |

Kristin & Rex Point Reyes Bridals at Sunrise

Kristin & Rex Point Reyes Bridals at Sunrise

Aug 26, 2020

Planning sessions and elopements has definitely been a struggle in 2020 during COVID-19 in California! Kristin and Rex had planned to come earlier in the summer, but due to the virus, plans changed a few times. We did not even know if we could carry out the shoot! With all of the closures there was also last-minute planning. With all of this and where we ended up to capture their love, it was all worth it. 

We chose to go to McClures beach and the Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes. Here’s the catch, it was during sunrise. So we had to get up bright and early in the morning! I mean EARLY! I was coming all the way out from Sacramento, so my wake up time was 1:30 a.m. in the morning. It sounds absolutely crazy, but I thoroughly enjoyed the drive up. I saw so much wildlife on the way up. There was a deer (lots), elk, owls, skunks, bunnies, and more. I have never seen so much wildlife near these roads. One of the most amazing sights as we (my niece was my travel buddy) got close to the coast was the moon shining on the beach. It was absolutely breathtaking!!!

Kristin and Rex made it up there and found that they’re homemade trailer sloshed around quite a bit as they went down the bumpy roads to the beach. So, they had to get that together before we started our shoot. OH NO! Thankfully we were all early and prepared to start walking to the beach and get started.

It is about a one mile walk inbetween the Bluffs to the beach. It was a beautiful walk to the beach and once we arrived there was an stunning cotton candy sky as the sun rose. There they changed into their more formal clothes and they did their sweet first look. 

Then we ran across the beach and had some fun taking photos. We found some awesome rocks that we got to stand over the beach and take some beautiful photos. Then we found a little entryway to another part of the beach,  which had beautiful bluffy rocks. What was even more cool for the massive amounts of starfish we found. First, Kristen decided the first starfish and I kind of stepped in to look for more and there were tons all over these rocks. There were orange, purple, blue colors of the starfish and they were beautiful. There is a photo down in the blog post where you can see those gorgeous starfish that we found. 

As we were walking back it was the most awesome sight as we saw all the sun peeking over the Bluffs and a little bit of light was shining on a tiny part of the waves it was such a unique sight to see.  As we’re headed back to the parking lot Rex found a little stream to clean his feet off to put his shoes, very handy indeed!

To finish our EPIC trip we landed at the Cypress Tree Tunnel and the light was so beautiful gleaming through those trees and there we said our goodbyes. Kristen and Rex we’re headed down to Yosemite to take some more bridles and a second dress which turned out so beautiful too. I highly recommend doing a honeymoon just like Kristen and Rex. They rocked their honeymoon.  I am so honored and thankful to have captured their love and to be part of such a special time in their life. CHEERS!


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